Nine years ago, a suspiciously charismatic bugbear warlord named Kargath Doomaxe was able to unite the goblin tribes of the Plains. He used his power to dominate the local gnolls, kobolds, and other evil denizens of the Plains and assaulted the Human Lands. They cut a bloody swath through Urwood and into the human country. However, just as the goblins had almost navigated out of Urwood, King Lionheart launched a daring surprise attack agh6. Your title here…ainst the goblins who were weakened by their trek at a large clearing in the center of Urwood.

The humans were winning and it seemed that the goblins would be routed when a mysterious portal opened in the Gray Swamp to the southeast and devils aided the goblins. Defeated and wounded the humans retreated to the town of Arugal to the south, home to a powerful archmage. The Archmage informed King Lionhart of the location of the Crown of Unity, and the King sent his most trusted squad to retrieve it from the Beastlands. However, in exchanged for this information, the kingdom now owes him a favor… Meanwhile, the goblins turned around and went through the faster but longer route to the human heartland. Because of their headstart, the goblins were able to destroy a medium sized chunk of the Duchy of Kiras.

The squad was successful, and King Lionheart (with the crown) pursued Warlord Kargath Doomaxe until his army finally caught up. The leaders dueled for 8 hours. Verid Lionheart was the victor, Kargath slain, but his wounds became infected (or perhaps he was poisoned) and he fell in the same battle, and his body was never recovered. His nephew, King Brock Lemmer II takes the throne, but it is suspected that Grand Vizier Desmond holds the real power.

The aftermath of the First Great War is still felt, and goblins now have a foothold in human land for the first time in centuries. They have infested the ruins of Lordun, the old and lost capital of the humans. The Westridge area is falling under the control of organized crime. Devils roam the Gray Swamps, leading to the founding of Nethergarde, a fortress protectorate of Marthol dedicated to keeping the demons at bay. The gnolls and their shadowy leader Skarr are on the rise, and are harassing the Marthol city-state itself. Urwood, the most forested part of the human lands, has been mostly razed, and the elves have grown more isolated in their island kingdom. The Dwarves in the south are locked in a deadly Cold War with the giants and their Azer slaves, even while being overrun in the south by the trolls of Troll Valley. Glazia, the frigid unofficial vassal of the humans has grown more and more unstable with the lack of military protection, and cultists of Orcus are slowly pervading the culture and raising the dead, and they are led by Grand-Lich Zhul’Nar. The biggest stronghold in the area, Valingrad, is seeing more and more cultists pervading the populace. On the Swash coast, dirty dealings seem to be going on. During the war, the government council of the Swash coast granted aid to the nearby human duchies, but were somehow untouched by the ravaging hordes of goblins. The duchy of Kiras is having rebellious thoughts, because of lack of compensation for their contributions to the army and its technology, hatred of Brock Lemmer, who hails from a bigger duchy, and a feeling of resentment that goblins were able to destroy some of their land. The Lionheart Citadel, pride of the human empire, is getting more dangerous by the day, with unruly peasants from the ravaged eastern countryside moving there and joining gangs for protection. Perhaps most frighteningly, Corazon Island’s closed portal to the outer planes has become unstable for the first time in centuries, with aberrations coming through and slaughtering the Keepers.

It is a time for heroes for the world of Morvenn.