A golaith warden on a mission


• Kalani’s parents were Goliaths too, and they passed down their strong passions and traditions and education to her, although Kalani is more open-minded than they were. Her own fierce protectiveness was spawned early on when tiny creatures inhabiting her home were being routinely killed, and others told her not to worry about these insignificant things, but she cried out in disagreement. • She is now 27 years old, she is exactly 7’ 2’’ feet tall, and she weighs 300 pounds. In terms of Goliath females, this is about average for women. • Her parents, now dead, were tragically killed before she found out many things about the world. This fact saddens her. Meanwhile, in honor of her parents, she wears her brown hair in 2 braids. • Her hair is grey and she wears it in braids, many braids. This is slightly unusual, but she feels it is important. She has fond memories of her mother braiding her hair, she takes small sections of her long grey hair and braids them. The braids stay in until they become loose and frayed. Then she rebraids them. • Difficulty seems to follow Kalani, or surround her, yet she fights on, in an unshakable manner. • She knows that she is tougher and stronger than nearly anyone else, and she is a stoic, reserved, pragmatic, fierce, protective, competitive, and, at times, impatient earth defender.

• Kalani’s main goal is, in her hopeful way, trusting that those who destroy the earth will see the errors of their ways. (Meanwhile, she will fight and defeat those who betray the best course of nature.) • On a more personal level, she has repeated dreams of a peaceful beautiful mountaintop which she hopes to find in real life one day, as if to prove that there are parts of earth that remain pure. • I would like to see Kalani develop her ability to connect with others over the course of the game, to increase her power, as opposed to relying solely on her own strength and toughness.

• Kalani’s biggest secret is that when she came to the human forest (because she was beckoned by spirits who told her she was needed, and she saw opportunity to ally with some humans to help achieve her goals) she left behind her much beloved younger half-brother. She fears for him every day, wonders what has become of him, and feels responsible but unable to act to help him. This helps to explain her fierce protectiveness for nature, since she can no longer fiercely protect him. His name is (or was?) Kolua. • The secret involving Kalani that she doesn’t know yet is that Kolua is nearby. This will come up in the game in ways that Kalani can’t possibly predict at this point, although she is a very curious Goliath Warden, so perhaps following her curiosity in some risky way will help her to uncover this secret.

• when she protected tiny creatures as a child • when her mother braided her hair • when she left behind her much beloved younger half-brother • when she had the encounter with Mother which sent her on her way to the human forest


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